Michael Nunnelley will respond to your criminal appeals, criminal defense, or civil litigation inquiries.

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You can expect a timely response to your criminal and civil appeals, criminal defense, and civil litigation inquiries.

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Michael Nunnelley is a Harvard Law graduate and 5th Circuit Court of Appeals Judicial law clerk with 20 years of appellate experience. You can expect to have your criminal or civil legal issue addressed with professionalism and care.

Michael Nunnelley offers a customized approach to your criminal appeal, criminal defense, or civil litigation need.

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Whether you have a criminal and civil appeals, criminal defense, or civil litigation need, you can count on Michael to use his vast legal knowledge to customize the legal strategy best for you.

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Michael is particularly experienced at the appellate level. He has handled hundreds of cases on appeal in intermediate state courts, the Alabama Supreme Court, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court of the United States. He has also successfully orally argued dozens of cases on appeal. After the trial is over, it can help to bring a set of fresh eyes to a case with experience in spotting worthy appellate issues and arguing those issues concisely and persuasively. That experience also aids Michael at the trial level, where he is always conscious to fully present legal arguments and preserve them for review on appeal, should that be necessary.

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Michael spent 15 years at the Alabama Attorney General's office prosecuting criminal matters. In fact, his last trial as a prosecutor resulted in a conviction in a 38-year-old cold case murder. He now brings that vast experience to criminal defense. Whether you are at trial, on appeal, or in collateral criminal proceedings (State Rule 32, Federal Habeas, or Expungement), Michael can guide you throughout the entire process and work towards the best resolution for your situation.

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Michael practices civil litigation at both the state and federal level. Having begun his career at a large international law firm, Michael took part in class actions and other complex litigation involving Fortune 500Corporations. He subsequently represented the State of Alabama in suits against the State and actions brought by the State against individuals and businesses. In private practice, Michael currently represents clients in a variety of civil matters, ranging from an individual involved in an estate dispute to an international company sued in a class action.